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United States Controls

8511 Foxwood Court

Poland, OH  44514-4302 (USA)

Womack International

755 Baywood Drive

Suite 360

Petaluma, CA  94954 (USA)

Stines Equipment Company

265 Silver Leaf Drive

Medina, TN  38355-6918 (USA)

Since 1984, United States Controls has supplied reliable and quality manufactured rolling mill coolant spray systems worldwide in 18 countries.

Since 1980, Womack International has designed and supplied quality coolant filtration systems for the metals rolling and can body industries in 44 countries.

Since 1973, Stines Equipment has experience in continuous casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, foil rolling, plant engineering, mill coolant spray systems, coolant system filtration and design, mill hydraulic systems, rolling mill fume management, project management and plant management.

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​We are the Sales Representative for United States Controls and Womack International.

United States Controls is a world leader in Mineral Oil and Soluble Oil Mill Coolant Spray Systems for any rolling mill process

Womack International  is a world leader in Mineral Oil and Soluble Oil Coolant Filtration Systems for any rolling mill and can body process

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